We are a not-for-profit private school serving children and adolescents. We follow Maria Montessori’s proven model of education as the key to freeing each human’s full potential and moving toward a more peaceful society.

Through individualized guidance, we help students develop the intrinsic motivation, self-reliance, and self-discipline necessary to thrive in academics and in life. 

We do this while maintaining a respectful, caring environment that nurtures and celebrates the personal, academic, and professional growth of our staff, our students, and their families.

The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.

- Maria Montessori -

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plan for physical reopening


​While it is widely understood that no publicly-shared space can guarantee zero risk of coronavirus infection, the following protocols are designed to help us return to school as safely as possible. Strict adherence to theses policies will allow us to stay in school.



     We are not in charge of bussing protocols; these decisions are up to those school districts who offer it to private school students. Please contact your school district for more details on their policies and plans.


Daily Entry and Wellness Checks 

     A daily symptom checklist (including daily temperature checks) is required to be completed by every student, staff member, and guest prior to entrance into the school building each day.



     All members of the community are expected to wear masks while indoors. This includes mandatory face masks for all adults. Students will have multiple opportunities for "mask breaks" throughout the day. Medical exemptions are possible in some cases & with a doctor’s written explanation.


Social Distancing and Cohorts

     Classroom tables and mats have been spread throughout each room to ensure a minimum 6 feet of distance between each learning space. Seating is assigned for all students.

     At the primary classroom level, students will stay within their classroom cohorts of 16 and co-mingling will be limited. The primary teachers work with all students at this level, but do not teach students from other age groups. At the junior classroom level, students will stay within their classroom cohorts, and co-mingling will be limited. The junior teachers work with all students at this level, but do not teach students from other age groups. The adolescent classroom consists of a small cohort and a single teacher; co-mingling with other classrooms will be limited.

     The only “communal” spaces will be outside (recess) and the junior classes’ lunch room. As much as possible, lessons and even lunches will be held outside. Students will often be outside, except in the case of extreme weather.

     All Montessori students are already taught proper hand washing, as well as proper nose-blowing and “cover your cough” techniques. Lessons on proper use of face masks will be added as necessary, and all elementary students will be required to wash hands before using any school materials. All students will be expected to bring their own standard supplies (pencils, erasers, etc) to minimize sharing of these materials; supply lists will be emailed to families directly.

Sanitizing Surfaces

     High-touch surfaces (doorknobs, chairs, table tops) and learning materials will be disinfected regularly; medium-touch surfaces will be disinfected daily (light switches, countertops). Classrooms and other public spaces will be ventilated at least 12 out of each 24 hours. Restrooms will be disinfected at least twice daily. Drinking fountains are off-limits (students must bring their own water bottles).

Air Circulation

     The school will open windows in all classrooms a minimum of 12 out of each 24 hours, to allow for a healthy exchange of air. In addition, each classroom will be equipped with a HEPA-filter air purifier.

Lunch and Snacks

     Whenever weather permits, lunches will be held outside. In the event lunch must be inside, Primary and Adolescent students will eat in their classrooms. Juniors will eat in the multi-purpose room; tables will be partitioned with plexiglass. Students already bring their own lunches and do not share food; this will be the case for snack as well. Snack should fit inside the student’s lunchbox. Trays for student lunches will be disinfected daily.

Recess and Phys Ed

     We will follow the latest CDC guidelines regarding youth activities (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/schools-childcare/youth-sports.html). Emphasis will be placed on individual skill building over competition, and there will be limited use of shared equipment. When appropriate social distancing policies cannot be followed, masks will be expected.


When Someone Gets Sick

     If a member of the school community falls ill with symptoms, or learns of exposure to a confirmed case of Covid-19, that individual will immediately refrain from entering our building until a negative test result (or a doctor’s written explanation of permission to return) is submitted to the office.

     If a member of the school community is confirmed to have contracted COVID-19, the school will immediately close for a minimum of two weeks to allow time for contact tracing and additional testing of the school community as needed.

     In the event someone falls ill at school, regardless of symptoms, he will be isolated until someone can pick him up. He will refrain from re-entering our building until a doctor’s written explanation of permission to return is submitted to the office.

     Any member of the school community confirmed to have Covid-19 will refrain from returning to school until a medical professional has given written permission to return.

     Because the whole school will close in the event of a single confirmed case, the whole school will be eligible to return once it is deemed safe to do so. Email is our regular, and most effective, method of communication with our families. In the event of a confirmed case, we will immediately send notification to all families with next steps for all members of our community (including contact tracing and, where necessary, instructions for testing).

In the Event of Extended Closure

     In the event we are forced to close for an extended period of time, all students will transition to live, online lessons via Zoom. Schedules will be based on the needs of each student.

Outside Visitors

     We will limit school-day visitors by scheduling appointments and tours during non-class hours. For parents who wish to observe, we will schedule such visits in advance and limit the number of attendees to one person at a time. Health screenings (including temperature checks) are mandatory for all visitors, as are masks.